Hi, everyone! I'm Jaqie, the founder of Ocean Mist Soaps. I am a stay at home mom of two teenage girls with a loving husband of 26 years. When i’m not soaping and creating bath products I love to snorkel, bike, crochet, read and visit farms, parks, beaches, markets and just stroll with my husband and girls.
I got into soap making because my daughter loves a certain store and it was costing an arm and leg. She asked me to try and make them for her. So I set out to learn and educate myself. After making my first batch of soap, I was hooked.
Making soap became my outlet and joy in life. I pour my heart and soul into every batch and product I make and have extensive testing done before a new release. I only make small batches of 17 bars at a time. I do not mass produce my soaps. Each bar is unique in its own way.
I started with soap and have since added in whipped soaps, sugar scrubs, wiggly soaps, bubble scoops, solid shampoo and conditioner bars and bath bombs.
It's very addicting. I now eat, sleep and dream of all the creations I can make next. I love creating new items for my daughters and friends to test. I can’t figure out which I love to make more as I love making it all.
Thank you for visiting my page. Please be sure to like and follow me on Facebook to see what I create next. www.facebook.com/OceanMistSoaps