Halloween Light Up Ring Hiding Inside of a Foaming Bath Fizzing Cauldrons Bath Bomb. You can pick the color. Only 50 Available.

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Expected release date is Oct 1st 2020

One Random Light Up Ring will be added to your choice of colored powdered bath fizzy.

The cauldron bubbles, the magic begins, as the hair on your neck rises like needles and pins. A tincture of love or a mysterious curse? You're compelled to find out, for better or worse. Expecting a potion so foul and unruly, you're pleased to find auras of berry, woods and patchouli! Boiling and churning, the tonic froths and quarrels; enchantment fills the air with the essence of floral's. A dash of vanilla forms a bewitching mixture, so sweetly seductive for an alluring elixir! Double double toil and trouble, the spell is complete as it ceases to bubble  

Using a bath fizzy: Make sure tub is clean and free of all soap scum. Unwrap and place in tub after filling the your bath with warm water. Watch it fizz and enjoy the show. Then hop in and relax or play to your heart's content.

Cleaning up: You should rinse your tub as soon as your bath is complete. Please know that if your tub has soap scum or the finish on the tub is cracked or worn down, this could cause staining.


INGREDIENTS: baking soda, citric acid, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil, cocoa butter, phthalate free fragrance oil, lathanol, cream of tartar, polysorbate 80, natrasorb, FD&C certified Dyes: Blue 1, Red 40, Red 28, yellow 5, biodegradable glitter,

Due to being handmade one at a time, colors may vary slightly from photos.

"WARNING: This Bath Fizzy may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. User discretion is advised."